The Three Safest Packaging Methods For Shipping Cannabis Products

Apr 19, 2022 by

Here are some recommendations for firms that need to package medicinal and recreational cannabis shipments for delivery. Following the rules for Packaging, both the interior and outside, is critical. The shipper’s responsibility is to verify that shipments containing any regulated goods comply with all applicable regulations. The completed product (including inner and external packing) must weigh 50 grams to be processed as a licensed seller’s shipment in the Canada Post delivery network.

Inner Packaging Guidelines:

Use a vacuum-sealed bag or a tiny plastic container. Most zip-top or zipper bags are not odor-resistant, even if many bags are used. Include a seal to identify the container if it has been tampered with. Use a leak-proof container and a sealed bag before adding cannabis oil into the outer box.

Guidelines for Outer Packaging:

Whether an odor-resistant plastic container or a vacuum-sealed bag, place the inside product in a cardboard box for shipping. The outside Packaging must be untraceable (no indication that the contents are cannabis). 

Different the outer packing from the inner package in a separate room. If you keep your packing near your cannabis product, the outer container may absorb the odor. Individuals and regulated dealers must follow all government regulations and Canada Post requirements (Proof of Age, Signature, and tracking).

What Comes If You Don’t Follow The Packaging Instructions?

Parcels recognized as containing cannabis will be withdrawn from our delivery network and designated as non-mailable due to any aroma produced from the item or cannabis imagery on the box. This material isn’t meant to be a complete guide to cannabis packaging. Using the recommended Packaging does not ensure that your package will arrive safely and intact. 

The development and execution of automated packaging systems are one of the Packaging’s specialties. Experts have collaborated with global automation leaders for fresh produce growers, industrial manufacturers, and significant packaging and distribution hubs worldwide. New automated solutions for cannabis farmers have been developed by experts such as Green Tech Packaging, Inc. Packaging experts and technicians collaborated with industry leaders in automatic bagging, weighing, and labeling technology to create and test an automated solution. Growers will benefit from these solutions to minimize labor needs, improve accuracy, and shorten packing times.

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