The Baldest Countries on Earth

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The Baldest Countries on Earth

Hair loss is not an unusual phenomenon in certain areas of the globe. Male pattern hair loss appears to be emphasized in some of the baldest countries on Earth much more than others, due to the fact that genetics predicts the condition.

In the Czech Republic, baldness is most common with almost half these men going bald at 42.79%. Spain has the 2nd highest number at 42.6%. Germany is next with 41.2 %, followed by France with 39.24%.

The UK has the fifth highest count of smoothed-headed men, with 39.23%of males losing their hair.

Despite the common occurrence of hair loss among the populace, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions that defy logic and basic science. If your mother or father’s family has a history of baldness, you can inherit the gene and experience male pattern baldness or female hair loss.

While the general consensus is that combing as opposed to brushing reduces the occurrence of hair breakage and split ends, neither action will induce hair growth or for that matter.

All hair follicles go through a normal cycle of hair growth and hair loss.

While this cycle of hair production typically continues for the duration of the individual’s life, as explained earlier, there are follicles with a genetic disposition to permanent hair loss. 

Other factors that may affect hair growth include adverse reactions to drugs or medical treatments, hormones, as well as immune system abnormalities.

Usually, hair does disappear in small patches over long periods of time — but the form known as Telogen Effluvium is a rapid one, causing clumps of hair to be pulled out through tugging, combing, or washing resulting in an overall loss rather than bald spots. 

Prevention may be simpler than many men assume as certain hairstyles such as cornrows, pigtails, braids, or the use of tight rollers can contribute to future hair loss. Talk to the team at Jenna Leigh Training Academy to see what their specialists recommend.

A poor diet may also cause hair loss, as lack of iron, or protein can damage hair growth. Hair loss may unfortunately be permanent, as in the case of Cicatricial Alopecia — a condition where the follicles become inflamed, or scarred, and cannot be regrown.

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