How To Avoid A Slip And Fall Accident: 4 Tips That Will Keep You Safe

Apr 13, 2022 by

It’s not uncommon for people to slip and fall on the ice. When this happens, it can lead to injuries that are both painful and costly. If you want to avoid a slip-and-fall accident, these four simple tips will keep you safe.

1) Make sure your shoes have rubber soles or spikes:

Even the best shoes can leave you slipping and sliding on ice. If your shoe has rubber soles or spikes, it will keep you from sliding when walking across an icy surface. It’s also a good idea to get into the habit of wearing shoes that have rubber soles or spikes when you’re not at home. If you happen to encounter some slippery conditions outside, your footwear will already be prepared for winter weather.

2) Wear boots with good traction:

Since winter boots are generally thicker than regular shoes, they can usually give you better traction in ice and snow. If your everyday footwear doesn’t cut it when the weather gets icy, consider investing in good-quality winter boots to keep your feet safe from injuries due to slipping.

3) Store your water away from slippery surfaces:

When you’re storing liquids, make sure to keep them away from slippery things. For example, suppose your bathroom floor is slick with water. In that case, it’s best to store shampoo and conditioner on a shelf instead of near the bathtub. If you need to use something that could cause your feet to slip, make sure you’re standing on a stable surface that won’t budge when you apply pressure.

4) Be aware of what might cause slippage:

When it’s icy outside, you’ll want to pay close attention to any wet surfaces. Walking on a thin layer of ice can cause your feet and ankles to break if they collapse under your weight. The damage could be severe if this happens since wet floors don’t provide much traction for walking or standing up straight.

Follow these tips to avoid slip and fall accidents. However, know that if you ever fall at someone else’s place due to their negligence, you can pull them to court and seek compensation for your injuries. You can check out Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers to know more about how it can be done comfortably. 

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