Hair Loss and Physical Trauma

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Hair Loss and Physical Trauma

There are many genetic and environmental factors responsible for hair loss. Physical trauma is one such factor. Scalp Micro UK,, specializes in treatment of hair loss due to physical trauma.

During a physical trauma the natural response of the body is to redistribute essential nutrients to vital organs. So if any vital organ suffers trauma, like in a car accident, the body will stop supplying essential nutrients to the hair follicles and divert it to the vital organs. Due to lack of nutrients follicles cannot function properly and they fall in the resting stage. It is known as telogen. Due to malfunction of follicles the hair falls out and is not replaced by new hair. The hair growth cycle can also get affected by physical trauma. Hair loss due to physical trauma can last for months and in some cases for years.

Direct physical trauma or injury to the scalp can also cause hair loss. This condition is called traumatic alopecia. There are several types of traumatic alopecia. It can be self inflicted by prolonged pressure on the scalp, forced hair straightening and traction due to tight braids. Injury by use of tight rollers and overheating of hair shafts can cause hair loss. Rough hair grooming practices and use of harmful styling products can also injure the scalp.

Early diagnosis of traumatic alopecia can prevent scarring of the scalp. But if the physical trauma to the scalp is repetitive, and continues for a long time then there can be scarring. In extreme cases, severe injury to hair follicles can cause permanent loss of hair. So it is important that if you have suffered direct physical trauma to the scalp then be on the lookout for excessive hair loss. In most cases treatment can reverse temporary hair loss caused by physical trauma.

If you are experiencing hair loss then it is best to stop styling practices that can cause injury to the scalp. Always apply chemical products only to the hair and not the scalp. Be gentle with your hair to prevent hair loss.

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