Can I get Microblading after tattoo removal?

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Can I get Microblading after tattoo removal?

Microblading can give you perfect eyebrows. Some people wonder if they can have microblading after tattoo removal. The short answer is yes. You can have microblading after removing the brow tattoo. But you need to be cautious and it is always better to speak with a specialist.

Microblading over tattoo

Sometimes people end up with regrettable tattoos. Laser removal is the ideal way to get rid of such tattoos. If you have an eyebrow tattoo then in some cases it can be a hindrance for microblading. It is possible to have microblading over a brow tattoo. For this to work the tattoo must have faded. Microblading over a faded tattoo can produce natural looking hair strokes if the older tattoo is light enough for the microbladed strokes to be visible. But if the existing tattoo is too dark then microblading over it is not a good idea as the hair strokes will not be visible over the tattoo. You should take advice from a professional and proceed accordingly.

Microblading after removing tattoo

If the older tattoo is too dark, you can opt for removing the tattoo and then have microblading. You should not go for microblading right after tattoo removal. Tattoo removing techniques, whether laser removal or any other method, has some temporary effects on the skin. Tattoo removal requires multiple sessions and you should wait till the tattoo has completely faded away. Before going for microblading, wait for at least six to eight weeks. This will allow the skin to heal before undergoing another cosmetic procedure. Check for any inflammation on the areas of tattoo removal. If there is some blistering in that area then get treatment for it before having Microblading. It is ideal to consult a professional. They can check for scabbing, blistering or any other issue and recommend the right course. If everything is fine and the waiting period has passed then you can have microblading. You can choose from a variety of styles and have the perfect brow shape to complement your face.

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