The Three Safest Packaging Methods For Shipping Cannabis Products

Apr 19, 2022 by

Here are some recommendations for firms that need to package medicinal and recreational cannabis shipments for delivery. Following the rules for Packaging, both the interior and outside, is critical. The shipper’s responsibility is to verify that shipments containing any regulated goods comply with all applicable regulations. The completed product (including inner and external packing) must weigh 50 grams to be processed as a licensed seller’s shipment in the Canada Post delivery network.

Inner Packaging Guidelines:

Use a vacuum-sealed bag or a tiny plastic container. Most zip-top or zipper bags are not odor-resistant, even if many bags are used. Include a seal to identify the container if it has been tampered with. Use a leak-proof container and a sealed bag before adding cannabis oil into the outer box.

Guidelines for Outer Packaging:

Whether an odor-resistant plastic container or a vacuum-sealed bag, place the inside product in a cardboard box for shipping. The outside Packaging must be untraceable (no indication that the contents are cannabis). 

Different the outer packing from the inner package in a separate room. If you keep your packing near your cannabis product, the outer container may absorb the odor. Individuals and regulated dealers must follow all government regulations and Canada Post requirements (Proof of Age, Signature, and tracking).

What Comes If You Don’t Follow The Packaging Instructions?

Parcels recognized as containing cannabis will be withdrawn from our delivery network and designated as non-mailable due to any aroma produced from the item or cannabis imagery on the box. This material isn’t meant to be a complete guide to cannabis packaging. Using the recommended Packaging does not ensure that your package will arrive safely and intact. 

The development and execution of automated packaging systems are one of the Packaging’s specialties. Experts have collaborated with global automation leaders for fresh produce growers, industrial manufacturers, and significant packaging and distribution hubs worldwide. New automated solutions for cannabis farmers have been developed by experts such as Green Tech Packaging, Inc. Packaging experts and technicians collaborated with industry leaders in automatic bagging, weighing, and labeling technology to create and test an automated solution. Growers will benefit from these solutions to minimize labor needs, improve accuracy, and shorten packing times.

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Construction Accidents In New York City: How To Avoid Slips, Trips, And Falls

Apr 17, 2022 by

Slips stumble, and falls don’t appear to be a significant problem. It’s no big deal if someone trips, scratches their knee, or falls on their behind, right? That is not the case, sadly. 

These figures demonstrate how severe this threat is and why risk management professionals take it so seriously. Surprisingly, research has indicated that you may have averted many mishaps if you had followed the necessary precautions. While no one can talk about every possible circumstance but here are a few examples:

Light It On:

Ensure there’s enough illumination in high-traffic areas and locations with uneven surfaces, such as stairwells, docks, and ramps. Furthermore, keep in mind that electricity may be unavailable during an emergency. It is thus advisable for you to put emergency lights in locations where people frequently pass during these events.

Remove Any Obstructions From The Area:

When there are unanticipated impediments, a lot of tripping happens. Power wires and odd boxes or stacks of paper might cause a person to trip if they are not aware of their presence. To prevent individuals from tripping, keep the space clean of any obstructions and cords covered with specific cord covers.

Traction Reigns Supreme:

The maximum frictional force that it may create between surfaces without slipping is defined as traction. It’s the reason why individuals can walk on certain surfaces without slipping and sliding like they’re on the ice. Said to help boost traction, maintain all areas as dry as possible, and apply anti-slip coatings to any surfaces that may become slippery on occasion.

Maintain A Safety Tradition:

Every safety precaution put in place is only as effective as the individuals who employ it. Keep your staff well-informed and educated on job hazards, and provide them with the tools they need to avoid slipping, tripping, and falling. Ensure that all areas with foot traffic are clear of impediments, and give your employees the authority to maintain it that way.

All of this may appear to be a lot of work, but at Seton, we believe that everyone’s safety comes first. A productive and efficient workforce is safe and healthy. So start avoiding slips, trips, and falls immediately and watch how it reduces insurance costs while increasing employee productivity. If you have any questions about a slip and fall on the job in New York City, you should get advice from an expert like Hach & Rose, LLP.

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How To Avoid A Slip And Fall Accident: 4 Tips That Will Keep You Safe

Apr 13, 2022 by

It’s not uncommon for people to slip and fall on the ice. When this happens, it can lead to injuries that are both painful and costly. If you want to avoid a slip-and-fall accident, these four simple tips will keep you safe.

1) Make sure your shoes have rubber soles or spikes:

Even the best shoes can leave you slipping and sliding on ice. If your shoe has rubber soles or spikes, it will keep you from sliding when walking across an icy surface. It’s also a good idea to get into the habit of wearing shoes that have rubber soles or spikes when you’re not at home. If you happen to encounter some slippery conditions outside, your footwear will already be prepared for winter weather.

2) Wear boots with good traction:

Since winter boots are generally thicker than regular shoes, they can usually give you better traction in ice and snow. If your everyday footwear doesn’t cut it when the weather gets icy, consider investing in good-quality winter boots to keep your feet safe from injuries due to slipping.

3) Store your water away from slippery surfaces:

When you’re storing liquids, make sure to keep them away from slippery things. For example, suppose your bathroom floor is slick with water. In that case, it’s best to store shampoo and conditioner on a shelf instead of near the bathtub. If you need to use something that could cause your feet to slip, make sure you’re standing on a stable surface that won’t budge when you apply pressure.

4) Be aware of what might cause slippage:

When it’s icy outside, you’ll want to pay close attention to any wet surfaces. Walking on a thin layer of ice can cause your feet and ankles to break if they collapse under your weight. The damage could be severe if this happens since wet floors don’t provide much traction for walking or standing up straight.

Follow these tips to avoid slip and fall accidents. However, know that if you ever fall at someone else’s place due to their negligence, you can pull them to court and seek compensation for your injuries. You can check out Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers to know more about how it can be done comfortably. 

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Reasons Why You Should Never Drive Under the Influence

Apr 10, 2022 by

Drunk driving has consequences for you, your family, friends, employment, and if you hit someone, total strangers. One night of partying may destroy your life for the rest of your life. You may lose your job, income, and freedom if you are arrested for drunk driving. When in doubt, avoid driving entirely and instead rely on a taxi or ride-sharing service.

Someone Might Be Harmed Or Killed As A Result Of Your Actions.

Do you believe you’ll be able to drive safely after one or two drinks? Reconsider your position. Your response time is slowed by alcohol. Let’s say you’re traveling at 70 miles per hour when a deer darts in front of your automobile. According to studies, even a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 milligrams delays your responses to the point where you can drive 12 feet before turning the wheel or slamming on the brakes. This is far enough away to kill the deer, yourself, and anybody else in any automobile.

Losing Your Job Or School

For some occupations, having a drunk driving conviction can disqualify you. If you’re arrested and can’t afford bail, you’ll have to serve time in jail. If you don’t, you’ll be locked up and unable to work. Employers are tolerant of employees who call in ill. People who have been imprisoned should not be singled out for criticism. Before your trial, you may have to spend weeks or months in jail. You’ve been replaced at work for an extended period throughout that time.

You May Lose Your Driving Privileges.

You might lose your legal capacity to drive even if you avoid severe injuries that render you physically unable to move. Every state mandates that drivers be insured. Drunk driving charges could up your insurance premiums to the point where they are prohibitive.

You May End Up In Prison.

When your bail is established or your trial begins, you’ll almost definitely be in jail at that period. This implies you won’t be able to work, go to school, spend time with your family, or meet any obligations.

You Might Become Bankrupt

If that wasn’t terrible enough, you might potentially be bankrupt when you get out of jail. You are liable for any harm you do to others, including pets and people. You’ll have to pay court costs, penalties, and repairs if you’re permitted to retain your automobile.

When you go behind the wheel while inebriated, you’re placing yourself at risk. Drunk drivers are more likely than sober drivers to be involved in accidents because their reflexes are compromised, resulting in severe injury or death for everyone on the road. Even if you aren’t caught for drunk driving, it is still unlawful and might jeopardize your driver’s license. Don’t make this mistake–always locate a designated driver before consuming alcohol to ensure that no one is put in danger of injury or death as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. For more information, click here.

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Four Suggestions For Coping With A North Carolina Divorce

Apr 6, 2022 by

Four Suggestions For Coping With A North Carolina Divorce

Divorce is one of the most challenging life changes a person can make, mainly when both partners are angry or upset, and children are involved. 

Make Certain That Divorce Is The Best Option:

Divorce is irreversible. While you may believe it’s your only choice for resolving your relationship problems, make sure it’s the best option for your scenario before taking action. Close friends and family members can often push couples to divorce, but addressing underlying issues can often be enough to salvage a relationship and a marriage.

Mutual Respect Is Essential:

Depending on the circumstances of your breakup, maintaining mutual respect with your soon-to-be-ex may be difficult. Suppose there has been adultery, addiction, or worse. In that case, your instinct may be to choose a lawyer who is willing to go to court and win at any cost, no matter how tumultuous the approaching litigation process may be. On the other hand, a protracted legal fight would undoubtedly result in more financial, mental, and physical hardship, so think about the consequences before going. If feasible, begin the divorce process with mutual respect and a common goal to peaceful divorce.

Share A Common Vision Or Goal:

If you and your husband can’t seem to agree on anything, remember that having a similar purpose for the future will help you reach a speedier and less stressful divorce resolution. For instance, if both sides consent that their kids come first, they will cooperate to work forward towards a beneficial solution to their family. Another example of a comparable goal between spouses that may help prevent hostile divorce procedures is a desire for both spouses to come out of the divorce with financial or emotional equity.

Think About All Of Your Divorce Options:

If you’re prepared to hire a lawyer and go to court with all guns blazing, it’s realistic to assume that your divorce will be chaotic and challenging to navigate. Unlike many couples who rush to court, you don’t have to defer to a judge to settle your divorce.

Have you thought about all of your divorce options? Consult a specialist, such as Marshall & Taylor PLLC, if you need additional information.

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