3 tips for choosing the right permanent lip stain

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3 tips for choosing the right permanent lip stain

Permanent lip stain is a type of semi permanent makeup. It enhances the natural lip color and defines the lips by giving them a fuller look. Layers of color are built by depositing pigments into the lips. You can have magnificent lips for a long time by using this technique. Lacey Michael has three tips to help you choose the right permanent lip stain.

Consider your lifestyle

You should consider your day to day life and your job while choosing the color of permanent lip stain. Think about the lipstick shade that you use the most. Some colors are more appropriate in a corporate setting than others. If you have a creative job like a model then you can opt for bright and flashy colors.

If you want a natural and minimalistic look then choose a shade that complements the natural color of your lips. If you are looking to make a bold statement then you can choose darker shades. You can consult the artist for ideas on the best color for your lips.

Consider your skin tone

Always choose the lip color that compliments your skin tone. A well trained artist can help you in choosing the right shade. Generally cooler shades towards the blue end of the spectrum are better suited for fair complexion. Warmer colors go well with darker skin tones. Some people‚Äôs skin also can also have yellow or pink undertones and they should decide the color for lip stain accordingly. A mismatch of lip color and skin tone can look bad. So take your time in deciding the right color for you and do not rush into the procedure. 

Consider shape of your lips

If you have thin and less defined lips then you can choose to enhance them to get a fuller look. Lips can also be contoured to create an illusion of fuller look. But if your lips are naturally full then you can just have a touch up on their color. Uneven shape of lips can also be corrected. So keep these tips in mind for choosing a perfect permanent lip stain.

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